Exclusive offer

When I realized what alien intervention was about, I was fortunately in a position to come up with an alternative that an ordinary conscious person would have a hard time understanding. By saving this world, my goal is not to conserve this world as it is, but to transform it so that it is able to meet the parameters of the "divine vibrational level." There has been a significant disagreement between the intervening aliens and me about who understands the parameters of the divine vibrational level, who in this sense I am the only representative of the independent Earth who is able to assert his views.

The subjective right to this is provided by the spiritual framework based on a new worldview developed by me, which I named the ÉlményPark Holoplatform. The presentation of this holoplatform goes beyond the scope of this material, but anyone has the opportunity to study the links available on this website. As a result of a spiritual mutation, my consciousness rose to the 42nd dimension, and I also had the opportunity for this world to continue to live in the lower worlds of its own quality. This means that it is unnecessary for anyone to grieve if he/she does not enter the Higher Worlds once he/she has entered the Ship of Consciousness. This information can be shocking to the person you are meeting for the first time and can put too much information on your brain, yet you are in a position to come across all the information you need in an understandable way.

We can move to a more advanced level of this civilization if we find the key to happiness in a material environment. Those who have gained great wealth in this world have created a world that has also proved that they are unfit to move to its advanced level. But not all of them, considering that they also studied in the school of life and have another projection, namely their children, who have already been born into it. If I were to say that in the process of building a new elite, I would close the gate to members of the old elite capable of moving forward, I risk collapsing because I would exclude members of another key stratum next to the middle class from continuity. Basically, the goal is to create a global middle class that most closely resembles the arrangement of the Scandinavian countries. This would be the pattern that a technical civilization can call the divine level.

However, the change will require a reorganization of the current system of using material resources. This is exacerbated and hindered by a number of factors that can only be effectively addressed if man is to assert his "heavenly power" over the Earth as well. No one has ever done this, but no one has ever done it before me, regardless of the sacred and secular powers, and no one has ever done this with his individual consciousness, translated with his mind. Nearly 20 years ago, I sat in an apartment in the middle of a major European city for a deep-trans meditation that they didn’t even dare in Tibet and created something they don’t even understand in America. As it used to be, not everything went as it would have been ideal, because in the meantime I had to contend with something similar in a scientific environment when a young scientist genius enters new fields and meets the resistance of big-name scientists (mostly based on envy). It already proves my work that I was able to do this for almost 20 years without income. From your point of view, I am currently in a highly neglected position on the periphery, which however does not prevent me from continuing to work.

For any of the members of the global elite to participate in this subjective right, all I know is that there are such people whose human quality corresponds to this. Because it is a parameter-based, pre-programmed automatic operation, they are also included in the ascension program so that they may not be aware of it either. The offer is not for them either! The offer is for those who are not among the people who cannot participate in this at all, even if they are the richest people in the world. This offer is an option to get on the boat at the last minute. Accordingly, the price is not cheap, half your wealth. Even so, it’s extremely fair, but I don’t want to say more about that. Anyone who cheats and tricks has already left the program and can continue to enjoy his money in the lower world that suits him/her if it is so important to him/her. What I am doing with this money will actually be what they should have been if they had really acted as a responsible elite.

Since I am not a financial professional and my time was not tied to making money, this offer will only live if I have a person who is well versed in this field and suitable for his/her human quality. It will be his/her job to receive and manage this money. At the moment, I only have one bank account with a bank that I could buy from the first two such transfers as it is and a paypal account where it would already be noticeable if someone sent their daily pocket money from the circle to whom this offer is addressed. In return, they receive the protection that everyone who joins such programs deserves.