VIP in this case is a subjective category. It affects people who:
- although no one knows them, they put something on the table that entitles them to this category
- celebrities who deserve to be ascended
- persons particularly favored by the intervening aliens/angels/higher self
- loved ones of the participants in the program
- viewers' favorites
- persons nominated by the director
- those arriving through a gate left open to the "god" (for which there is no evidence that it exists, but neither that it exists)
- people placed here by the Automation of the ÉlményPark (and impersonality, because this zone is not just physical)
- persons selected on the basis of my subjective judgment

What you want here is that everyone has a VIP zone in addition to their family, privacy and intimacy, where you can put people in your own game, and it's worth finding out about this through the Personal Customer Portal. The people defined in the last point listed here are not my own VIP zone because this is the right of the system and game creator in this case. Since I do not want to prove the existence of a god by this, if he/she refuses to prove it, the entry of his people is not registered, i.e. they are a factor of uncertainty, but they do not enjoy any privilege and are subject to the same rules as everyone, including me.

I have already commented on the loved ones participating in the program. Because we had to solve it, if someone can ascend but their family members don’t, then how can we continue to provide a family environment for them. I will now dispense with the technical details of the solution, but with this we have managed to come up with a development that has greatly increased the degree of authenticity and experience of this VIP zone. In fact, this is how HoloShows work, where people from different worlds can compete with each other so that, in fact, everyone stays in their own world on their own level, yet the illusion of one reality is created. I would point out that this is more information for experts because it would have no significance in 3D. Because what a dream is and what reality is, it doesn’t matter in 3D.